[a short list of books you can read online. links to more online texts can be found here.]
e.a. abbott: flatland

jane austen: pride and prejudice

emily bronte: wuthering heights

noam chomsky: necessary illusions: thought control in democratic societies

kate chopin: awakening

agatha christie: the mysterious affair at styles

joseph conrad: nostromo

t.s. eliot: poems

sigmund freud: the interpretation of dreams

henry james: turn of the screw

somerset maugham: of human bondage

guy de maupassant: short stories of the tragedy and comedy of life

edna st. vincent millay: renascence and other poems

baronness orczy: the scarlet pimpernel

tony rothman:genius and biographers: the fictionalization of evariste galois

saki: super beasts

shakespeare: the complete works

leo tolstoy: the forged coupon

voltaire: candide

h.g. wells: the island of dr. moreau

walt whitman: leaves of grass

virginia woolf: the voyage out

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