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welcome to the nonstop ecstatic screaming homepage, website for the radio show broadcasting on 88.1 fm wmbr, the mit college radio station based in cambridge, massachusetts. n.e.s. is a program specializing in ecstatic sound and experimental music, including ambient, noise, field recordings, more esoteric forms of electronica and rock, musique concrete, and other weird bits and bobs that catch my fancy. i'm always looking for new and more thrilling sonic experiences, so feel free to contact me contact me with any suggestions.

n.e.s is on the air from 6:30 to 8 pm est on thursday evenings. you can listen to wmbr using real audio by following this link. in the mean time, have a look at some past playlists. the obligatory links page lists a scattered selection of artist and label webpages, online music zines, real and virtual radio stations, message boards, shops that stock unusual music, and other resources. finally, if you live in the boston area or are planning to visit, here are some worthwhile upcoming concerts.