Fragrant Single-Note Perfumes

Agarwood (Aloeswood, Oud.) Used in every significant Moroccan ceremony. Woody, dry and neutral, so it pleases both men and women.
Ambargris A healing panacea made from large chunks of ambergris only when they are found by fishermen floating on the Atlantic Ocean. A scent so beautiful and popular in Morocco that it inspired John Singer Sargent to paint his famous La Fumee d'Ambergris.
Ambre Warm, earthy, and exotic essence, painstakingly extracted from ambre pieces washed up on North African shores and gathered by local fishermen.
Azahar (Moroccan Orange Blossom, the Flower of Patience.) A beautiful and delicate floral fragrance. Absolutely the finest orange blossom in the world are used in this pure neroli petal oil. Inhaling its distinctive fragrance is said to calm the nerves and soothe the spirit. When used in massage blends it will be calming (add 7 drops to 8 oz. of carrier oil).
Bergamot Used in most commercial perfume formulas as a top note. Often used in aromatherapy for its alleged benefits upon the immune system. Beneficial in menopause and when added to mature skin preparations.
Citron The refreshing aroma of Moroccan lime will keep you smiling all day long.
Fleur de Nuit Moroccan night-blooming flowers create an essence similar to frangipani.
Frankincense One of the oldest blessings in the history of perfumery. An offering from one of the Magi to the Infant Jesus. Dry, cool and resinous, and loved by all.
Gardenia (The Queen of Tropical Flowers.) This feminine, intoxicating, moist and alluring fragrance will have you followed wherever you go.
Henna Known also as Camphire and Cyprinum. Sweet and long-lasting. King Solomon likened his beloved to a "cluster of camphire" -- the Madinis are famous for this one. Reputed to be Cleopatra's favorite perfume.
Honeysuckle Sweet and heady. Blends well with rose and gardenia.
Jasmine The sweetest and most celebrated flower of North Africa. Considered by many to be the most precious of floral ingredients, certainly one of the costliest.
Lavender Clean and fresh summer scent. Cheerful as a sunny morning in the month of June.
Mandarine Similar to sweet orange yet somewhat more aromatic. Very soothing effects when used in aromatherapy. Mood elevating.
Mimosa (Acacia.) Ever wish that violets smelled sweeter? Then Mimosa is the scent for you.
Myrrh Gum resin. Widely used in perfumery. Also used in ancient Egypt as an embalming substance. May be used as a fixative. Added to many mature skin preparations. Blends well with frankincense.
Narciso (The Flower of Lovers.) The sweet, lingering quality of Moroccan Narcissus, celebrated among the world's finest, is likely to please incurable romantics and lovers of spring.
Nardo Known in English as spikenard or tuberose. Blossoms of incredible beauty and intoxicating fragrance. An ointment made with Nardo was used by Mary Magdalene to wash the feet of Jesus.
Neroli Also known as bigarade or sour orange. Features a spicy sweetness and is usually found as a top note in many well known perfumes.
Oeillet The oils of clove and carnation. Used in Morocco to soothe tooth and gum pain. Dilute before applying.
Patchouli A class by itself, this mellow, strong but clear fragrance will please even the most discriminating patchouli lover.
Rose A Kuwaiti princess' world-wide search for the perfect rose oil ended here. She now buys this rose oil by the kilo -- enough said!
Santal Blanc The highest grade of a time-honored classic-nothing more, nothing less. As cool and fragrant as the breeze from a Chinese sandalwood fan.
Vanille Dry, light and delicately sweet . . . An ever-popular fragrance.
Vetyvert Also known as Khus-Khus. Obtained from the roots of a tropical grass. Earthy and cool at the same time.

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