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These are the used CD's I have up for sale or trade. Prices do not include shipping, which will be $2.00 for the first CD and $0.50 for each additional CD. If you see something that you would like to buy, please reserve in advance by e-mail. Also, feel free to send me your trade lists. Please, U.S. orders only! Thanks for taking a look.

Last updated 9/18/98

The Dickies: Idjit Savant, $3
Marco Masini:El Cielo de Virgo, $3
Roger Smith: My Colors, $3
Ray Stevens: Surely you Joust, $3
Pierce Turner: The Sky and the Ground, $3
Violent Femmes: New Times, $4

Baby Fox: A Normal Family, $2
Ednaswap: Wacko Magneto, $2
For Real: "Like I Do" (3 versions), "Free," $1
Jimmy Eat World: "Call it in the Air" single, $1
Karma To Burn: "Ma Petite Mort," "Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi -- I'm Not God," "Twenty-four Hours," $1
Kinks: "To the Bone," "Animal," "Celluloid Heroes," $1
Laurels: Laurels 90-95, $2
Mother Tongue: "Damage," "Burn Baby," "The Seed," $1
Naked: "Mann's Chinese" single, $1
Slush: "Touch You (Mercury De Sade)," "Milla," $1
Neville Staple: Skanktastic, $1
Reggie Stepper:"Woman Got It Goin On" promo, $1
(contains the tracks "Jah Disciples," "Ex-Lover," and two versions of "Woman Got it Goin On")
Treva: "Coming from a O 'G'," $1
The Urge: "All Washed Up" (Album Version, Radio Edit), $1