Bonus CD List

If you are the highest bidder on one of the auctions in which I am offering a bonus CD, you may choose one of the following CD's for only 99 cents extra (to cover shipping). After the auction ends, mail me your payment along with the CD on this list that you want. I only have one of each CD, so please put down second, third, and fourth choices. I will refund your 99 cents in postage stamps if you can't get any of the CDs you want. Since quantities are limited, you can only get one 99 cent CD for every auction you win. Thanks for taking a look!

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And now, the list ....

Most of the CD's on this list are all scratched to one degree or another. I have classified them with the following:
(1) the CD has only minor scratches and most likely plays perfectly on a decent CD player;
(2) the CD has a few more scratches;
(3) the CD has lots of scratches and may skip in some places

Jude Cole               A View from 3rd Street (2)
Cravin' Melon           Red Clay Harvest promo (good condition; full cd;
                               no inserts) 
Dream Theatre           You Not Me promo single (mint condition)
Jamiroquai              Space Cowboy single (1)
Groove Theory           s/t (2)
Luscious Jackson        Natural Ingredients (2)  (plays okay, I think)
Andrea Martin           Selections from "The Best of Me" (promo) (1) 
Moby                    That's When I Reach for My Revolver single (2)
Naked                   Mann's Chinese single (1)
Nirvana                 Lithium (1)
Pearl Jam               Given to Fly single (2)
Salt N Pepa             Very Necessary (2)
TLC                     Crazy Sexy Cool (1) (one large scratch, o/w okay)
Tricky                  Pre-Millenium Tension (2)
Pierce Turner           The Sky and the Ground (1)
v/a                     CD Review Editor's Choice 1995 -- Moby,
                               Portishead, Emmylou Harris,
                               Joe Cocker, Bach, Mozart, etc. (1)
v/a                     Basketball Diaries soundtrack -- Jim Carroll, 
                               Flea, Soundgarden, Graeme Revell, The
                               Doors, P. J. Harvey, etc. (1)

Mendelssohn/Bruch       Concertos: Lin (1)